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  • #ClassicMovie – The Greatest Show On Earth (1952)

    Yes, I know The Greatest Show On Earth (1952) is not a horror movie. While it does have thrills and suspense and drama, no it is not horror. The reason I’m talking about this movie today is because February 10, 2019 marks the seventh anniversary of Circus Tarot, and The Greatest Show On Earth is […]

  • WORLD CIRCUS Now Available!

    World Circus

    I am happy to announce that World Circus is now available on Amazon and Smashwords (other retailers and paperback coming soon). Here’s a teaser, enjoy! Moon’s gloomy light barely found Clown Wood’s leaf strewn floor, the old aspens and pines gently bouncing in the breeze didn’t allow it. Waiting behind a thick and weathered tree […]

  • World Circus Updates and other news

    World Circus

    I’ve received news from my editor that she has been delayed due to family matters. I wish her and her family the best. The good news, she hopes to have World Circus back to me by the middle of February. So you’ll have to wait a little while longer for World Circus, the finale of […]

  • WORLD CIRCUS #Excerpt – Countdown to World Circus – Circus Tarot Book 3

    Circus Tent

    Below is an excerpt from the upcoming finale of the Circus Tarot Trilogy, World Circus. I hope you enjoy it. World Circus will be available everywhere books are sold for ereaders and in paperback. Be sure to read Circus Tarot and Page of Buckets, you can download them directly from me at the Bizarro Fiction Shop, […]

  • CIRCUS TAROT (Tarot Cards) Available for Pre-Order!

    Circus Tent

    I’m pleased to announce that the Limited Edition Circus Tarot (Tarot Cards) are now available for pre-order. There are two versions to choose from. The first is the Major Arcana only (22 cards), and the other option is the full deck of 78 cards. Both include an insert that describing each card and how to […]

  • Are You Ready For Your Reading? Interactive #Tarot – World Circus Countdown

    After creating 78 custom Tarot Cards, and customizing an interactive Tarot reader, I am pleased to announce that the Circus Tarot is ready. World Circus’s release is getting closer, and I’m getting excited. World Circus is more than about Susie being kicked out of the delightful place, it tells the story of how it was […]

  • Page of Buckets #99CENT #Halloween SALE Ends 11/1

    Circus Tent

    Page of Buckets – Circus Tarot Trilogy Book 2 on sale for 99cents now through 11/1 at Amazon. When their six-year-old daughter, Susie, announces she wants to go to the circus, Mary and Darrin are filled with uneasy memories of World Circus, though, Mary would never admit that she still thought fondly of the charming place; […]

  • Circus Tarot #99CENT #Halloween SALE Ends 11/1

    Circus Tent

    Circus Tarot – Circus Tarot Trilogy Book 1 on sale for 99cents now through 11/1 at Amazon. When Mary brings home a deck of tarot cards, the dull life she and her husband, Darrin, have lived changes. Without realizing, they become members of the strange society, leaving behind their daily rituals, and join the ranks of World […]

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