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  • #55WordChallenge – Week Forty

    The clouds pulse and stir above me as I soar through the air. The branches shake in the surges of cold wind below me but nothing will stop me from my quest. I circle the ground searching. The lightning bursts with bright zagging threads around me. I stand and walk on the ground a man. […]

  • #55WordChallenge

      He staggers down the street, without noticing that he no longer sees color. People skitter out of the way so they don’t come into contact with his rotting flesh. He sniffs after them—not his prey now. He finds the place and waits for the man that made him the first zombie of the apocalypse. […]

  • #55WordChallenge – Week Fourteen

    “You gotta get outta here,” Marc said to the little boy. “This place is way too dangerous.” Marc stood on his hind legs to look through the small window and the boy followed him. They did not see anyone. The cat batted at the window with his paw and it popped open. “Quick through there.” […]

  • #55WordChallenge Week 10

    She waltzes down the stairs, hearing the doorbell. She smiles at the man behind the door. She stands next to him as he lifts himself onto his toes to see through the window at the top of the door. Silly, why does he look for her that way, especially when she stands next to him? […]

  • #55WordChallenge – Week 8

    My tattered boat rocks in the water. There is no place for me to dock along the rocky cliffs. I have floated along the coast for the setting of two suns when I see in the distance a castle set upon the rocks like a grand lady welcoming me back home with arms wide open. […]

  • #55WordChallenge Round 7

    She followed the trail of sweet purple flowers up the stairs. With her sword drawn, she stepped onto the platform amid the ruined palace. She knew they planned to ambush her, but she had plans of her own. They surrounded her stoic pose. She had to do nothing; the vines took them one by one. […]

  • #55WordChallenge

    I hear it scratching on the hardwood floors. I cannot move as the slightest sound will alert the pyseritrix. Click-clack, I hear it come closer. I huddle into the shadows of the closet. I wish I would have set the trap, seven small red candles and one large white one, but now I am dinner. […]

  • #55Word #Creepfest Contest

      On the first day of Christmas, the snow no longer lay pristinely on the ground; its sparkling white, now crimson. Chunks of meat dented the snow’s crusty layer, leftovers from the night’s slaughter. The merry carolers should not have haunted my step. I warned them, I did. They made me slash each one to […]