Brahms: The Boy II (2020) being a sequel, I wasn’t sure what to expect, including whether it would be good or not. To my surprise and relief, it wasn’t just a regurgitation of The Boy (2016). It begins with a family who goes to a house in the country after a traumatic home invasion that keeps young Jude from speaking.

brahmsboy2_pWhile walking through the woods, Jude finds a doll buried and takes a liking to him. Joseph is the caretaker of the estate, whom I assumed that he was just going to be the one who warns them of danger, but he becomes much more than that; there’s a fun twist with him that I wasn’t expecting.

As the story continues, weird stuff happens throughout the house, and during an uncomfortable playdate, a child is injured. Of course, all of these things can be explained logically, but I knew Brahms was behind it, though it didn’t take the edge off the creepiness. With everything that happens from the moment they arrive at the house, it’s hard to figure out what is the cause, which is nice for a change.

4 Stars

If you liked The Boy, you will like Brams: The Boy II. I give it 4 out of 5 Stars because there wasn’t a dull moment.

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