I’m not sure what I expected when turned on Books of Blood (2020), maybe something miraculous that included The Madonna for a change, but that’s not what I got. When I hear Books of Blood, I desire to be frightened at least or wince once or twice. Again, that’s not what I got. At least Book of Blood (2009) gave me more of that. At least they put the stories together in a cohesive way.

booksofblood_pThe unfortunate part of being a fan of a book or anthology series is when an adaptation is made, and it is nothing like the written work; well, except for Simon. So I had to force myself to step back and see the movie as an inspiration and not word for word translation of any one story; we’d need Peter Jackson for that.

Books of Blood starts with a bookstore owner trying to hide from a ‘debt collector’ in his shop, he ends up telling the ‘debt collector’ (no, I didn’t bother learning the character names) about the Book of Blood. That satisfying encounter moves to Jenna, and after a drawn-out period, brings something quite exciting and fun to the table.

After that story fades out, the next fades in and out with red to Miles’ story that really isn’t about Miles, but about Simon (as seen in the 2009 film and the short story of the same name). The effects in this one were excellent and enjoyable. Once this is wrapped up, we return to the ‘debt collector’ and his driver for a bit, then go back to Jenna; hence the cohesion I mentioned at the beginning.

All in all, Books of Blood isn’t horrible, but nothing I’m going to watch again. I’m not saying don’t see it, just don’t expect the real Clive Barker to show in the film.

3 Stars

I give this one 3 out of 5 Stars.

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