S.A. Felix created a strange world where “Undead” come to life with the assistance of a Riser. Then there are Witnesses who find them and help them pass on. Sorry folks, no traditional zombies in this one; there’s not even horror.

What is there is the charming tale of Atsushi (a Witness), who falls in love with an “Undead,” Yoshiki. That part is a little creepy if you look at it from the necrophilia side of things. But the story isn’t even about that. It’s more like a man falling in love with a ghost, who then gets the chance to change events in the past.

The biggest problem with this book is the editing. It felt like S.A. Felix wrote it in Japanese, then used Google Translate for English. If that is the case, it needs a thorough edit from a Native English speaker to work out the kinks, because the story is amazing. I did enjoy the accent though, helping me feel as though I were in Japan. I admit, at times, I giggled at the strange wordings and phrases, reminding me of old Godzilla movies with bad overdubs.

3 Stars

As strong as the story in The Witness is, I can’t give it more than 3 out of 5 Stars because of the editing.



About The Witness

Atsushi is a Witness. His job is to find the revived ones and help them pass onto the afterlife. His recent client is Yoshiki, a man who had committed suicide but came back to life. Atsushi has to find the person who unknowingly called him back and help them both move on.

But how could he, when he was falling in love with the beautiful man himself?

“It was time. I put my coffee back and returned to the morgue. However, when I got there, the dead body was not on the table. Panicking, I took my torch and frantically searched for the body at every corner in the room until I found him cowering in the corner.

He came back to life.”

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