I like to read a wide range of books, and when I came across this one, I wasn’t sure what I was getting, but I’m glad I didn’t pass it up. Mr. Greenhoe tells the story of a convict who is released from prison after twenty years. The Foreword tells that it’s based on the story of a man he worked with in prison.

I was impressed with the way the stories within are told and then come together for the tumultuous ending. The vividness of the scenes goes from sweet and loving to dark and twisty, giving a 360 view of this thrilling world.

I recommend this book, and give it 4 out of 5 Stars.

About The Murders On Staines Road
A Story of Love, Malevolence, Murder, and Survival

A hardened criminal receives a sudden and very unexpected parole and moves from the vicious life he lived for more than twenty years to live in a very rural setting. At first, Ray fills his time cleaning up the ramshackle home of his uncle, but he soon finds that he can’t live with the older man.

One murder can make some men withdraw and feel remorse. Some men develop a blood lust. One summer evening, a recently graduated young girl out jogging wanders just fifty yards too far away from home, and she is never seen again. When another high school girl goes missing, the local police begin to search into the situation with as many officers and detectives as they can bring to bear.

As the story of Ray and his misdeeds builds, a teen high school fling becomes a genuine romance. When their paths cross that of the man responsible for the evil in the town, who will live and who will die? As the tag line reads, this is a story of love, malevolence, murder, and survival.

About Verwayne Greenhoe

Born and raised on a small dairy farm in west-central Michigan, I learned about life and death at an early age. I was lucky enough to have a loving, caring Father who taught me about some of the more intricate ‘ins and outs’ of living every day.

I started writing simple stories at age six in about 1959 and have been at it ever since. As a boy, no one ever really taught me to read, I just could. I used that gift to find a world I might not have been able to experience for another decade or more. I later became a medic, worked in a psych ward of a prison and spent many years working in Emergency Rooms as an aide and then a nurse.

I just moved to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (da UP!) and am getting settled back into a steady writing habit. I have a flurry of books I will be releasing every month to six weeks. The subject genre runs the gamut from inspirational to romance to a serial killer story. The move to a more solitude in the UP surrounding allows me to write when I want to write.

I’ve written about my experiences growing up on the farm and my father. I have several stories about the things I saw and experienced in the emergency field, both in and out of the ER. I’ll admit that my life story is weird, but I prefer to think of it as an alternate reality in which I am the pioneer and flag planter. I’m crazy, but I suspect most of my readers have figured that out.

I have six, soon to be seven audiobooks out. You can find them over on Audible or on Amazon under my listing for stories and books. I try to add a novella of 16,000 to 22,000 words every month, and at least two to three 40,000+ word novel every year.

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