Blood Vessel (2019) #HorrorMovie Review

Blood Vessel (2019) takes a group of unlikely survivors aboard a Nazi ship in hopes of finding a way home. The play on words in the title is a double entendre, giving the movie a bigger bite for me. This is one that I didn’t watch the trailer first, I saw a post on Facebook about the film being on Shudder, so I took the chance, and for a change won.

None of the castaways on the liferaft have any idea what to expect when they board the ship and definitely didn’t expect to find it empty. The gore level in Blood Vessel is amazing as are the monsters that gave me one of the best surprises I’ve had watching a film in a while. The film is superb too, and let’s not forget the acting that is very strong.

With every step, I was surprised by what they presented, and hoped that the collection of castaways would make it in the end; well, there was a happy ending of sorts, and definitely not what I expected.

5 Stars

If you get a chance to watch Blood Vessel, do it, you won’t be sorry, especially if you’re a vampire fan. I give Blood Vessel 5 out of 5 Stars.

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