An Unnamed Acquaintance and Liaisons Macabre are free for the next three days (November 26-28) at Amazon for Kindle.

An Unnamed Acquaintance

Many things happen in the world most people do not know about. In this collection of short stories and bizarre prose, be prepared to take journeys to these unexpected scenes, where a millionaire hosts dinner parties with guests who have secrets, ancient prophecies come true, a man searches for his missing wife, and a man has a celestial meal.

Liaisons Macabre

Every day we see couples, some happy others not. We see interactions at the store, people getting arrested by the police. These relationships are not much different than what is contained in these pages.

Relationships make the world go around, even the dark ones no wants to think about. Please keep in mind, these stories are not based on anyone, or any event happening now or in the past, no matter the similarities to people and places; I don’t write true life crime or things in that vein.

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