Are You Ready For Your Reading? Interactive #Tarot – World Circus Countdown

After creating 78 custom Tarot Cards, and customizing an interactive Tarot reader, I am pleased to announce that the Circus Tarot is ready. World Circus’s release is getting closer, and I’m getting excited. World Circus is more than about Susie being kicked out of the delightful place, it tells the story of how it Cards Arraywas created. Mariette, from Hydrangeas on the Lanai, and her circus family are at risk of being separated at the end of the season because of the declining income, and they figure out how to stay together. You’ll see circus performances, and Clowns doing what they do in World Circus.

I still plan to release World Circus in Winter 2016, but don’t have an official date yet. The Limited Edition Circus Tarot deck will be available at the same time. Unfortunately, due to price constraints, it may only be the Acts (Major Arcana) that will be available; I’m still shopping around to find the best printing costs.

While you wait, why not visit the Interactive Circus Tarot pages, and Find Your Card or have a reading?

Daughter of Illusion

The Horror of My Life