When Apparition (2019) began, I thought I was watching the wrong movie because the events in the first third of the movie aren’t what the description told me. I didn’t mind though because I liked what I was seeing as brutal as it was, and the craziness of the mom going nuts was freaky and weird.


Then it jumped twenty years into the future at an engagement party and I was confused for a bit about what was happening. When they finally got to the point, I was happy with the creepiness of the settings and the effects. Ghosts getting revenge is always a fun experience. I’m curious as to which parts were based on true life events; possibly the treatment of the boys in the prison.

My biggest problem with the movie was how easy and perfect everything lined up from Sam’s ghost encounter app to them arriving at the now-closed prison. The suspense of how and when events were going to happen balanced the easiness of the ghosts getting their revenge. But the ending took that away as it didn’t make sense as to why Anna’s ghost would do that.

3.5 Stars

All in all, I enjoyed Apparition, so I’m giving it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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