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This is a special communication meant to honor some very special Americans, so I’m very grateful to my host and you readers for this opportunity to speak out. It’s more than likely that you have a relative or friend who has served in the military, or is serving our country as we speak. These special souls have been assured they’d be well-cared-for when they return from battle, that when they are sick or get old and infirm, our Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals and doctors will take good care of them. Moreso, those who come back alive but severely injured—brain damage, amputations, paralyses, unrelenting pain, and post-service injuries and illnesses—these people deserve to be cared for with the empathy and medicines required to keep them healing and comfortable.

Unfathomably, even before the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) began their attacks on the opioid treatment of pain in the general population, VA mis-managers decided it was their right to intimidate VA physicians into not prescribing years-long well-working opioids for our Valiant Veterans suffering chronic unrelenting pain. The result? Hundreds to thousands of suicides due to unbearable, untreated pain which the VA falsely claims—in press releases encouraging journalists to spread the lie—that they are due to Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). No. PTSD has treatments available such as specific psychotherapies dealing with flashbacks and deep trauma. And these patients also have available to them psychotropic medications to deal with anxieties, depression, and other emotions. For Veteran patients suffering unrelenting neurocentric pain, their sole medication for reducing their physical suffering leads to hopelessness, despair, and inability to tolerate yet another day of bodily torture. So they shoot themselves, hang themselves, or overdose on anything they have left in their medicine cabinets so they won’t have to live another day in excruciating hell.

My colleague RNs employed at VA hospitals have report seeing VA doctors in tears because they failed their Veteran patients, because of the VA policy to ostracize, punish, and even fire MDs who dare to prescribe an opioid medically indicated for any pain-suffering soldier. It is for these soldier-victims of VA OxyMORONS –and those millions of other victims of our other government Cold Turkeys running the DOJ and the DEA—that I determinedly spent six exclusively focused months researching and writing American AGONY: The Opioid War Against Patients in Pain, published by Fresh Ink Group. I cried. I researched. I wrote. And I cried again. I hope to be a voice for “Pain Patient Warriors,” advocates against this federally inflicted American holocaust. I ask all of you to do whatever you can to let your legislators know that these killings by prescription-opioid-deprivation must end now.

—Helen Borel, RN, MFA, PhD

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About the Author:

Dr. Helen Borel wrote poetry and played piano as a child growing up in two orphanages. She became a registered nurse, then earned her master’s in creative writing. After 18 years as a medical, psychiatric, and pharmaceutical copywriter, she published books, literary criticism, satire, and fiction. She became a doctor in psychoanalytical studies with her own website, Always outspoken for the underdog, her intense research is the basis for her passionate expose of government wrongs and the legal rights pain victims must assert. Find her at and on Twitter: @BorelMedWriter or @PsychDocConnect.

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6 responses to “Welcome to the “AMERICAN AGONY” Blog Tour! @BorelMedWriter @4WillsPub”

  1. I very much appreciate you hosting American Agony, Charles. This is a book with information that is meant to help millions of people now suffering without their tried and true
    opioid pain medications. In fact, one such patient who bought the book, read it immediately and tweeted me, really direct-mailed me at Twitter, that she cried and cried as she read the many quotes of the tortured lives of many patients around the nation I quoted in the book.
    She said, the various solutions discussed in the book now gave her some hope to renew
    her fight for what she knows is her right to her opioid medications. After reading it and praising it, she told me, her husband (not a patient in pain) decided he wanted to read it too.
    So, thank you Charles for helping get the word out. There are so many people needing this information.

  2. This book shows that there really is a need for these pain meds. Not everybody becomes an addict. Thanks for highlighting this, Dr. Borel.

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