Along Came the Devil (2018), aka Tell Me Your Name, isn’t much different from any possession movie made in the last twenty years; of course, it’s based on actual events. The beginning shows two girls in a closet while their father has sex with a random woman. The woman freaks out when she finds them and the father presumably punishes the youngest. From there, it goes to the present.

alongcamethedevil_pThis is where I became confused; maybe, I should’ve paid more attention to the children’s names at the beginning of Along Came the Devil because I didn’t know who the characters were in relation to the opening. Ashley returns to her childhood town to live with her aunt because there’s no parental figure to care for her. I thought that she was the younger of the two girls, but I began to question that assumption as things progressed.

My confusion aside, I liked what was happening and the effects. I got a super creepster vibe from Pastor John as he took Ashley’s picture and then approached her in the candy store. I’m not sure why they introduced him to her like that since he wasn’t like that at all.

When the demonic presence came, I got the heebeegeebees since they did an excellent job with the effects and the music accompanying. Bits of the backstory came to light about Tanya (another reason for my confusion about the opening) and her sister, and it seemed forced, like they were trying to make a connection that wasn’t there and hindered the story for me a little.

I enjoyed Along Came the Devil, but it was nothing extraordinary, and I can only give it 3 out of 5 Stars.

3 Stars

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