Based on the title, you’d think that Aftermath (2021) was a post-apocalyptic film, but it’s not. It follows Natalie and Kevin, who are having marital problems because she cheated. So in hopes of rekindling their marriage, they buy a house where brutal murders were committed. (This sounds like a great thing to do.) Kevin cleaned the blood and gore up since that’s his job. Their dog, Cody, freaks out at the closet.

aftermath posterThroughout the film, there are scenes of them at the couple’s counselor’s office, discussing their issues. The creepiness doesn’t wait to happen with subtle occurrences from the moment they move into the house. Of course, Kevin doesn’t directly experience them, which is a bone of contention during their sessions.

As the suspense grows and more drastic things start to happen, I’m not convinced that the house is haunted at all. And I was right, but not everything could be explained, that’s when the twist hits. It was something I wasn’t expected.

4 Stars

Aftermath had great suspense and I gave it 4 out of 5 Stars.

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