A #Madonna Story you have never heard before…


“I wanna hear a Bedtime Story,” the Material Girl said to her grandmother.  “It’s a Holiday tomorrow, I don’t need to go to bed yet.”


“Very well,” the old woman said with a smile. “Once upon a time, on La Isla Bonita, the Music was too quiet, so the girl said “Turn Up the Radio.” Everybody yelled and cheered when she was in the Spotlight. Someone in the crowd yelled, “Express Yourself.” She danced like a Bad Girl, but she couldn’t stop there. Turing into a Girl Gone Wild, she made Erotica look more trivial than Hanky Panky.


As she was Causing a Commotion, a Beautiful Strangerasked his friend “Who’s That Girl?


He was a Gambler, and wanted to make a bet on her. She was Burning Up with passion, and her Feverwas contagious. No longer able to restrain himself, he whispered in her ear, “Open Your Heart.”


Looking into his eyes, she felt the The Look of Love probing Deeper and Deeper into her. He took her into his arms, holding her tightly.


“Let’s Get Together,” he said bravely.


“I have to Dress You Up before you get Into the Groove,” she sighed as they kissed.


He smiled like an Angel, then said, “I’m Crazy for You. Give it 2 Me now. Give Me All Your Luvin’.”


He performed Like a Virgin, and in 4 Minutes it was time for him to Take a Bow. She smiled sweetly at him, knowing that’s What It Feels Like for a Girl. But there was something about him that caused her to be Hung Up on him. It was Like a Prayer to her Lucky Star had been answered.


“I love you,” he said. ”And You Must Love Me. Let’s get married and have our slice of the American Pie.”


She could not disagree that she felt the Love Profusion.


No longer able to keep him Secret from her family, she went to her father’s house and told them of the love they shared. Her father didn’t approve.


Papa Don’t Preach,” she cried. “You were young when you married mom.


“He’s a bum!” her father yelled. “You’ll See.”


“He’s not, papa. He’s True Blue.”


Don’t Tell Meyou’re that stupid. You deserve what you get. Now, get out of my house!”


She left without looking back. He would never tell her how proud he was of her, his Masterpiece. He hated seeing her making the same mistakes he and her mother had made. Now she was off to build her American Lifein Hollywood. She would never hear him say Sorry. And he would never again hear her cry out Oh Father in the night.


Soon she found herself living in a Drowned World. Substitute for Love was the pool boy. Though she knew the boy would Cherish the experience, she felt Frozen by his touch. When her husband returned from Miles Away, they pretended they were Living for Love. She wanted to give him One More Chance, but she knew deep inside that Love Don’t Live Here Anymore.


“Why should I Justify My Love?” he screamed at her. “Nothing Fails if you don’t want it to.”


She screamed when he threw the Vogue magazine at her. It thumped into the wall, then fell to the floor like a wounded bird. She felt her heart Jump, and saw that Nothing Really Matters—it’s just Human Naturethat a man and a woman cannot always Keep It Together.


Without thoughts of Celebration, she stood, and said “Bye, Bye Baby.”


The Power of Good-Byehung with her as she packed her Revolver, and crossed the Borderline. Leaving the Rain, she stepped inside the hotel. Don’t Cry for Me Agentina, she thought. There will be another Ray of Light for me. Her heart cried, Dear Jessie, I’ll Remember all the good times. She passed Another Suitcase in Another Hall, and it gave her hope that she would Live to Tell the world that This Used to be My Playground.


She stood in her hotel room, staring blankly at the wall. A smile washed across her face, and she said to the room, “I guess there’s no one here to Rescue Me. It’s Me Against the Music, and I sure as hell will Die Another Day.”



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