A #HorrorMovie I had high hopes for – The Wind (2019)

This place is wrong. We’re not supposed to be here. Emma

The Wind (2019) is said to be Western horror. When I think Western, I think Cowboys and Indians with or without John Wayne. I always wonder about mixed-genre films, so maybe I shouldn’t have expected too much from this because of it. This was on my watch list last year, but I never got around to seeing it because I’m cheap; I didn’t want to pay for it on VOD, and now it’s on Showtime so it’s kinda free.

If you’re not a fan of movies that don’t stay in a chronological timeline (except for an occasional flashback), then don’t watch this. I have never been so confused watching a film as was with this one. I can even handle, the beginning is the end storylines because I’ve been known to write stories that way. The Wind has blown so hard that nothing is in order.

The wind is mighty and annoying and can cause chaos in our minds like nothing else. I get it. I grew up in Wyoming. While this movie tried to portray that feeling that the wind brings with it, it blew too much. I never knew if Lizzy was dreaming/hallucinating. I was never sure if her new neighbors or the preacher man were real. Even the timeline in scenes was disorienting; one second it’s day and the next it’s dusk.

The editing of this movie is atrocious. It’s not in chronological order, making it hard to follow as it bouncing around the way it does was very confusing. The beginning and the ending are fine but everything in the middle is a jumble of information, and to top it off nothing exciting happens until the last 15 minutes.

Because of the disjointed timeline, I can’t give The Wind more than 2.5 out of 5 Ram Skulls.

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