Monday, January 2, 2023

I’ve accepted the challenge of writing a blog post for the next 30 days to show you what I do and think. So buckle your seatbelts, this could be a wild ride or not. Today’s post will serve as the backstory of sorts.

The Ritual

My morning ritual is the same each day. I wake up around 5AM; sometimes by the alarm, but most of the time it’s Bella telling me it’s time to get up. I traipse downstairs and have a cup of coffee while watching, what I call, “fluff news.” After a bowl of cereal, I brush my teeth and shower as I contemplate what I’m going to wear that day. For those who don’t know, I began sewing again during the pandemic so I have a rather epic selection of shirts to wear. Once I’m dressed, I pack my lunch and head to work.

The shirts.

The Work

After almost two and half years of working from home, I was thrown back into going to the office (at least they gave a month warning). During the work from home stint, I changed positions at the company I’ve worked at for 23 years to something I absolutely love. The new position is managing internal websites used by customer service agents. In the short time I’ve been in the role, I’m on my third manager. This isn’t the first time I’ve experienced something like that in my time there; one month I went through six. My frustration with it is that each manager has a different point of view on what goals are and how to achieve them.

My Husband

Let me tell you about my husband of 24 years for a moment, so you don’t wonder who he is when I say Harold. He’s kind and passionate about everything he does. Harold has a different view of the world as me, which makes for some heated conversations at times. He does the majority of the cooking because he’s a retired chef. And because, well, I hate it and have no idea what to cook. I do know how, my mom made sure of that.

Writing, Reading, and Art

Since I obtained my goal of revising all my currently published works last week, I’m not currently writing. I am reading though and what I’m reading is amazing; The One Revealed (Chronicles of the Diasodz Book 4) by Yvette M Calleiro. If you haven’t read this series, I suggest you get it on your to read list. I’ll Be Right Back by Maura Beth Brennan is next on the list. I’ll be posting reviews for both.

I read or write before sleep and at lunch. Besides creating the cover art for my books, I also create digital art. You can see the gallery on the Art. Be warned some of it is NSFW. I’ve also recently created a fabric design that I’ll show you when I get it.

Last day of vacation

Today was my last day of vacation and I’m not especially excited about returning to work tomorrow. I enjoy what I do but the interactions with others can be strenuous on my psyche. I’m a gay introvert in an extraverted world. As always, I will cope the best I can, which involves putting in my earbuds and streaming an array of tunes, which includes a lot of 80s New Wave and Pop, until the next required interaction arises.

I’ll be fine once I’m there, it’s just the anticipation. The observations are interesting. You’ll learn about my co-workers and the ones I consider friends. Of course, I won’t use their real names. Then there’s the “fire-drills” that include OMG as the greeting (in my mind that’s how they start).

Check back each day!

Don’t forget to come back each day (posts probably won’t be this early) to follow along with my adventures.

6 responses to “A DAY IN MY LIFE…Day 1 #RRBC”

  1. Hi, Charles! Your life with Harold sounds so fascinating. At least each of you knows your role (he cooks, you eat). Out of all that you have shared, though, I’m most anxious to hear about the co-workers (albeit undercover in names).

    Looking forward to your Day 2 post!


  2. Love this, Charles. I have just purchased a new stove and am getting back to cooking. I know how, but I just haven’t done it for a while. I need to get back into it so that we can start being more frugal. Ask Harold for some helpful hints for us! Hope you’re having a great time at work. I loved both books you’re now reading. Anxious to read your reaction to them.

  3. You made my heart swell with happiness, Charles! I’m so happy you are enjoying your journey with my Diasodz! I can’t wait to hear what you think of book 4 (and eventually book 5)! Thank you for the shoutout. <3 Your artwork is very cool! I think I see one of your cover characters in one of the pieces. I’m pretty sure I saw the character from The Road to Saratin in one of them. I’m quite impressed that you sew! My mom had me take a sewing class in 7th and 8th grade, and I sewed a few things, but I found no happiness in it. Lol! I, too, hate cooking. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Harold to cook for me, so I do the cooking (purely out of obligation, not pleasure). I’m looking forward to what you share next!

    Yvette M Calliero 🙂

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