A Clüsterfünke Christmas (2021) is not what I expected. I thought since it was on Comedy Central, it would be funnier, but alas, it was like a super extended Saturday Night Light skit that just wouldn’t end. Well, that’s not all it was. Let’s not forget that it wasn’t much different from movies on a channel that I still will not mention.

A Clüsterfünke Christmas posterIt follows Holly, who is sent to a strange little town to buy the Clüsterfünke Inn. As new characters were introduced, I hoped it would get better, but sadly it didn’t. The slapstick comedy in it was good, and there were some funny parts. Those things didn’t keep from getting a bit queasy.

I probably would’ve turned it off had it not been for Cheyenne Jackson. Too bad he didn’t take his shirt off randomly. It might have made this feeble attempt to parody romantic Christmas movies more palatable.

2 Stars

If you haven’t seen A Clüsterfünke Christmas, I don’t recommend it. If you have and enjoyed it, no judgment from me. There’s tons of stuff that goes the other way with me. I gave it 2 out of 5 Stars.

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