Sometimes I worry about the horror movies Netflix says I need to watch, which was the case with A Classic Horror Story (2021). It is an Italian film with voiceovers, or if you speak Italian, you can watch it with the original audio; that has no bearing on the movie. I just thought I’d point it out because some don’t like voiceovers or subtitles.

A Classic Horror Story movie posterThe opening sequence was a great hook that faded into a scene with a young woman waiting for her ride-share. Once we meet the cast, it doesn’t take long for the fun to start. As expected by the creators of A Classic Horror Story, I’m confused about where they are when they wake after the accident. I kept thinking, didn’t they hit a tree?

The creepiness quickly escalates as they explore the strange world where they find themselves. Since I don’t want to give too much away, I won’t share many details about what they discover and who finds them. I will say I was pleased with the terror they shared with me and the gore they displayed. Then comes an unexpected twist for the finale that made me delighted by its cleverness.

4.5 Stars

I enjoyed A Classic Horror story, and I think you will too. I gave it 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

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