Dawn of the Dead
July 6, 2020

I’m trying to understand why zombies have flooded the horror genre, so I figured I’d watch Dawn of the Dead (2004). It’s the remake of the movie of the same name from 1978, the second in George A. Romeo’s zombie franchise. Even after seeing this, I’m still not sure about them. The fact that this…

Dark Floors
June 8, 2020

Dark Floors (2008) has been on my watch list for a while, and now that I’ve finally seen it, I’m left feeling empty or at least not full. I saw the trailer for it, and that’s how it came to be on my watch list. I thought it was going to be terrifying, but they…

Sugar Hill
April 30, 2020

For the last day of 30 Days of Terror, I didn’t have to think too long to know which film I wanted to tell you about. Sugar Hill (1974) is one of those amazing B-Movies produced by American International Pictures; it also falls into the Blaxploitation category, which is a term that annoys me, but…

City of the Living Dead
April 13, 2020

Today, I thought a double feature would be fun for the 13th of 30 Days of Terror, but which two films? Well, that’s easy, the first two installments of the Gates of Hell Trilogy. I know few people who’ve heard of these films. The grouping of films in the Gates of Hell Trilogy is on…

Empire of the Ants
April 7, 2020

I can’t think of many aspects of the horror genre that I don’t love (well, except Zombies), and creepy crawlies are a perfect way to celebrate the 7th day of 30 Days of Terror. Empire of the Ants is one of my favorites, featuring out of control insects, and why I chose it for today….