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Dreamwalker: The Second Plain is a journey of discovery for Saul as he learns what he’s capable of doing and the power that he controls with a mere thought. Unfortunately, like so many, he doesn’t realize that he’s being used until it’s too late. This excerpt is Saul’s first attempt of helping people tormented by their demons.

Cake and Eat It – Chapter 39

Saul concentrated on the panicked woman. Her fist of her free hand swung at the figure. Out of shock, he released his grip on her wrist, allowing her to escape. The shadowy person laughed a low guttural laugh, as she ran down the alley into the darkness.

Fortunately for her, the resistance she had experienced before didn’t slow her pace, giving her the chance to cross half the distance of the alley before they began their pursuit. She knew they would find her again; they always did.

The alley presented another leading to her left. Ahead she found shadows darker than she had ever seen, but down the intersection alley were bright, amber lights and people’s laughter.

A quick peek over her shoulder confirmed they were still in pursuit and was all she needed to quicken her pace toward the safety of the street. Again she glanced back. Even at their leisurely pace, they had shortened the distance between them.

Unaware of the pothole closing in on her because her attention was focused on the men following her, she stumbled, but quickly righted herself. Fatigue burned the muscles of her legs, and her breaths became ragged. She needed somewhere to hide while she caught her breath. Ahead a Dumpster stood near the brick wall with enough room for her to squeeze behind.

Unsure how she had managed to fit in the space comfortably, she quickly caught her breath. The echoes of her pursuer’s footfalls faded, but somehow she knew they were near, waiting for her to jump from behind the Dumpster into their clutches.

Feeling her strength had returned, she peered from her hiding place, hoping to see where they were. Though she couldn’t see them, their vibrating, wet breaths filled her head.

Hoping they were far enough away she had a chance of escape, she tried to move from behind the Dumpster, but was only able to give one arm freedom. With all her strength, she pushed, but the metal box didn’t budge. Trying to keep calm, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

When she opened her eyes, she found herself wearing a pastel-pink dress matching the color of the walls. Her feet crossed in front of her on a soft, white bed. The brightly lighted room seemed almost familiar to her, but not enough to spark any memories. From beyond the door, merry music—presumably from a cartoon—and laughter called to her.

Standing, she found her reflection in a mirror near the door. A giggle shook her. Never having had worn her hair in two large ponytails tied with pink ribbons, to have them now was amusing. After her Mother had died, her Father had cut her hair short not wanting to deal with it.

Through the sound of the music and laughter, a woman sang a happy tune in time with the clanging of kitchen sounds. Mother must be baking cookies. She thought. I wanna help. Her smile widened.

The door opened to the shadowy alley and men approaching. Once again, she darted into the alley, running toward the street. They muttered, but she didn’t slow or turn her head to check their progress. You’re almost there.

Branches of the trees lining the street became visible in the glow of the streetlights. Her exhausted body seemed more willing to proceed at the sight of her freedom. A few more paces were all she needed to be free of the nightmares pursuing her.

The closer she came to the street, the uneven concrete beneath her changed to loose gravel. Her feet lost traction, slipping in the small rocks, she wobbled. Unable to keep herself from falling, she landed on her chest. Their feet crunched the substrate, then stopped.

Blinking back tears, she rolled to her side, staring at the dark shoes and pants legs of the pursuers. She knew their horrible eyes gawked as they planned their depravity. The pounding in her chest increased, and tears began to run across her face, pooling in the dirt, she conceded.

“Sandra?” a young man asked. “Are you all right?”

Her eyes flew open. She knew the voice. It belonged to someone she felt dearly for, someone she hadn’t seen in…how long? Her Father’s voice echoed in her mind, “They will do bad things to you.”

“Sandra, honey, let me help you.”

As she lifted her head, her eyes found Tommy smiling down on her.

“What’s wrong, honey?” He said, extending his hand to her. “You look like the devil’s been chasin’ you.”

She accepted his hand. The dark alley and bright street faded to gray undulating around them.

“You can stop now,” Gappé said. “She does not need to see the Space Between.”

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