You think he was white before, you should see that sucker now. Fool

The transition in horror style didn’t start until later in the 90s, so I always want to consider The People Under the Stairs (1991) an 80s movie, on top of that it’s Wes Craven who didn’t transition for the 80s at all. This is the first social themed horror movie that I’m consciously aware of seeing; I’m sure there’s probably some before this, but I don’t remember.

The People Under the StairsThe People Under the Stairs has a nice pace and doesn’t hold back to the end to have fun. I love the antagonists, Mommy and Daddy, and their strange sadistic ways. When the “people” are first introduced, I assumed that they were like characters from The Hills Have Eyes (any version). Well, they kinda are until they aren’t. Alice…I’m not sure what to say about her, she’s just there most of the time, which is totally how someone like that would be in real life.

I did get a few of my favorite sphincter pucker moments, which I’d be very disappointed had I received none since it is Wes Craven. One thing that sticks out as not fitting or underdeveloped, and that’s the electrocution bit; it’s just weird for me. The strangeness of this movie is excellent, the interactions with Mommy and Daddy are endearing and dark and, yes, fucked up, especially when he’s in his BDSM costume.

3.5 Stars

For an 80s holdover, I like The People Under the Stairs and give it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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