The Terror (1963) is the epic stereotype of a Gothic Romance; the house, the antagonist, the perceived antagonist, and the one who intends to save the girl from catastrophe. The thing about these types of art pieces is that if you don’t pay attention you can lose track easily and end up saying “what the fuck?” before it’s over. This film was produced after the Raven, and though some said was part of the Corman-Poe cycle, it is not.

American International Pictures always did their best with everything, and this movie wasn’t an exception. They were before their time in recycling; the set is obviously from a few of their other movies and the castle wall was a dead giveaway of belonging to House of Usher.

This movie kept me entertained with the strangeness, and poor Boris Karloff trying not to fall as he made his way down that horrendous staircase. The beginning is a hook, but I’m not sure for which movie because it didn’t really tell me anything about the movie, but there were hints in the trippy animation background of the opening credits. The ending bookmarks the beginning scene perfectly.

This is the way I wanted Hydrangeas on the Lanai to be for the reader, and I think I delivered that well. And now seeing The Terror after probably forty-years, I think my mind was telling me what to do, pulling this morsel from my repressed memories.

The Terror hits my top twenty favorite movies, and I give it 5 out of 5 Stars.

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