The final in the Corman-Poe films is The Tomb of Ligeia (1964), and my least favorite of the series. It felt like Vincent was held back from his normal performances of dramatic shock and awe. It’s not to say there weren’t great things in this movie.

I loved Elizabeth Shepherd playing the roles of Rowena Trevanion and Ligeia, and not just because she’s a great screamer. The sets and effects are what I expect from AIP. The dream sequence was amazing as was the fire scene at the end, which had the look of the fire in House of User; I’m not saying they used the same stock footage, OK, I am. Somehow I seem to notice details (I don’t know, maybe others have noticed, too) most don’t, like the fact that John Westbrook’s dangly-bits were in full display throughout most of the movie.

My favorite line from the movie was from Lord Trevanion, and I’m amazed it wasn’t cut. “Willful little bitch, ain’t she?” I thought the Production Code wouldn’t have allowed it, but technically it was a British movie, right?

Though I liked the costumes and the sets, I just had a hard time with the feeling of this movie, and give it only 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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