#BMovies #CormanPoe Part 3 – The Premature Burial (1962)

And then, invisible in the darkness but all to hideously real to the other senses the presence of the conqueror worm. – Guy

The Premature Burial (1962) starts in a cemetery with men in top hats digging up a grave, rather, watching grave robbers dig up a grave. When they peel back the lid, imagine their surprise at finding the man had tried to claw his way out of the casket.

A confession of catalepsy, a vow to make him well again, then a wedding. This movie moves along quickly as we watch Guy Carrell slip further and further into psychosis. He’s paranoid about being buried alive, like he thinks his father was, which his sister disputes. So, what does he do? He builds a mancave in the cemetery with all the best amenities of the time. The multiple escape routes are awesome, you never know what’s going to fail when the time comes.

Why is it that I think that B-Movies have the best effects? I enjoy the low-tech stuff, and the Premature Burial satisfies that itch in me with green smoke over blue tinted film in Guy’s vision. Sometimes it’s hard not to laugh, especially when you get scenes like Guy’s father’s skeleton scaring him into a trance, then the doctor says he’s dead. Why did the doctor have his defibrillator prototype at the mansion?

I love Hazel Court’s breathy, smooth voice; she one of my favorite Queen of the Bs. The way she delivers her ultimatum is convincing, and I would’ve gotten rid of my mancave too, anything you want Hazel…anything.

I’ve always loved this Poe story and this adaptation is amazing, for me at least. I give it 5 out of 5 Stars.

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