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I always get nervous when I send out my work for review. I never know how others are going to take it. When I received an email from Reader’s Favorite that a review had posted on their site for darkness is coming, I sweated a little, my stomach churned, and I didn’t click the link immediately. I kept staring at it, wondering what was on the other side. I am pleased to say I received a 5 Star review from their reviewer. Wow! Thank you! This book started going one direction, and moved into another. I’m excited to say the year it took putting it together was well worth it.



Reviewed by Robert A. Groves for Readers’ Favorite


Charles W. Jones’s Darkness is Coming is a suspense mystery that captures the reader’s attention immediately. Jess has just purchased a house on Scarlet Lane. But the excitement of having a new residence quickly melts into fear. She and her family are disturbed by strange noises and even ghosts! Worst of all, Jess learns that a young girl died in the house and it was not from natural causes. Then Mason enters, just released from prison. It turns out that the house Jess has purchased is Mason’s childhood home. However, he is unaware of all the unusual happenings and fears the house contains. Mason has been sent there specifically by his employer to accomplish a task. When Jess and Mason team up with a surprising figure, a plan is developed and set in motion to rid the house of the beast tormenting its residents.

From the first paragraph of Darkness is Coming, Charles W. Jones had my attention. I have not bitten my nails in years, but this complex and well written plot was a nail biter throughout. The characters, Jess and Mason, are individually strong alone and amazing together. Just when I thought I was settling into a steady pace with the story’s events, Mr. Jones would throw in a curve ball and I would be spinning again with excitement and fear. It was easy to perceive what each character was feeling and experiencing. But, the absolute best part of the book was the plan to rid the house and town of the beast the house held. You will not want to miss the ending to this plot! If you are a mystery connoisseur, then this is your book!



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