#5Star #Review PLANET PURGATORY by Benedict J Martin @Benemartben #RRBC

Planet Purgatory is about David Eno, a farmer/chikka brew-master, who gets it into his head that the planet he and many others live is Purgatory, and they are not merely colonists from Earth. Of course, everyone thinks he’s crazy or just drunk from all the chikka he drinks. (Telling what chikka is would be a spoiler, so you’ll have to read it to find out.)

I haven’t read something this fun and exciting in a while. The pace is fast, extremely fast. The characters are memorable and strong. And, around every corner there’s a new kinda of demon, or zombie, maybe, an imp, and let’s not forget zombies. Benedict does a great job giving these creatures a new look as well as conveying what felt to me like a murky atmosphere (maybe I drank too much chikka, too).

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