My 2019 #HorrorMovie Watch List

For some reason, I found only nine 2019 horror movies that I absolutely want to see. I can’t imagine that I’ve become desensitized to horror…I’m thinking the real reason is that based on what I’ve seen in the last few years, nothing is grabbing my attention like it has in the past. I separated the movies into four lists from must see to I’d rather not.

My most anticipated movies for 2019. As I see them, I’ll be moving my review calendar around.

3 From Hell is a highly anticipated film for me. I loved House of 1000 Corpses and Devil’s Rejects and I can’t wait to see what’s next for the Firefly clan. I’ve read several articles saying it’s a prequel, but I’m not sure how that’d be possible if they keep the same cast as all three are obviously aging. I read a “quote” from Rob on that it’s not a prequel. Either way I’m excited to see it. Here’s the teaser…

Even with the minuscule details about Antlers, I’ve put it on my want to watch list for 2019, and that’s because it’s a Guillermo Del Toro production. I was going to add, I hope I’m not disappointed, but that’s dumb, it’s Guillermo Del Toro.

I love The Conjuring Universe and I’m looking forward to another Annabelle movie as well as The Conjuring 3. I heard there’s been talk about another focusing on the Crooked Man, but we’ll see if anything happens with that one.

Update 4/8/19: the name is Annabelle Comes Home. I’ve also learned that The Conjuring 3 is now scheduled for 2020, so hopefully something to look forward to next year.

The Final Wish looks cool, and it’s made my list of to watch 2019 horror movies, and since it’s already on PPV while in theaters, I’ll watch it, so look for my review soon. Here’s the trailer…

The Curse of La Llorona looks creepy and it has a priest (same actor from the first Annabelle). Wait a second, he’s playing Father Perez in this one, too. Is it a Conjuring movie? I don’t see any indication that it is from what I’ve read and seen. Maybe, it’s just a coincidence. Check out the trailer, it’s intense.

St. Agatha has that dark Catholic story line that I love, and I’m not Catholic. The dark foreboding of the trailer drew me in almost instantly. I hope I’m not disappointed.

Pet Sematary was originally in the remake list below, but based on the trailer, I want to see this. I’m hoping to have reviews for the original two in coming weeks, so look for them. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer…

On the list, but I won’t die if I don’t see it.

Polaroid could be OK, but looks overdone.
The Prodigy looks like what I call horror-lite, and the trailer just didn’t grab me.
The Turning could be good, but I don’t know if I really care.
Saw 9 is one I’m not sure if it’s really going to happen. Of course, I’ll watch it if it does.
Glass while I enjoyed the first two, Unbreakable and Split, I’m not going to rush to see it.
Hex the trailer looks interesting, but are they showing the best parts in it?
Velvet Buzzsaw while it has an interesting cast, I’m just not sure. The trailer does intrigue me, so it’s on my Netflix watch list, too.
The Lodge for a direct to video release it doesn’t look to bad.
Depraved could be an interesting take on Frankenstein, we’ll see.
Eli looks fun, and it’ll be on Netflix
Escape Room wasn’t there a movie from a few years ago with the same name and theme? I didn’t see it either.
Doctor Sleep I read the book, so I’ll see it. It’s a follow-up to the Shining.
Midsommer I just don’t know if I care. That might change when I know more.

The remake pile that I’ll see eventually.

Child’s Play
An American Werewolf in London
IT: Chapter 2

The list of movies that I probably won’t watch.

The Hole In the Ground looks like a movie I’ve seen so many times already.
Among The Shadows based on who is in this movie, I will not see it even though it’s werewolves.
Automata is probably an amazing film, but it’s just not for me.

What about you? What horror movies are you excited about this year? Let me know in the comments. Also, if I’ve missed anything you think I should see in the coming year, let me. I’m always interested to hear your thoughts.

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