Queen of Blood (1966) #1FromTheVaults #SciFi #HorrorMovie

In Queen of Blood (1966) American International Pictures gives a strange futuristic world set in 1991 where we have the International Institute of Space Technology on the Moon, and we travel to Mars-like it’s no big deal.

Queen of Blood

The Science Fiction aspects of the film remind of the original Star Trek TV series with echoing squeals and beeps for sound effects. Of course, that was typical of the time as were the visual string effects. The horror bits are strange but effective. I was taken aback that the Queen was painted green while the others on her spaceship were not. Maybe, where they came from people of power were green-skinned.

I read a little about Queen of Blood to discover that Director Curtis Harrington felt that Ridley Scott took inspiration from his film when he created Alien (1979). Maybe, if you squint you can see the similarities in the blur; the eggs aren’t similar, the setting might be the only thing that I can see. It could be me. Who knows?

There so many good things about this film that it would be a shame if you don’t see it.

3.5 Stars

Anyway, I liked Queen of Blood for what it is, and give it 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

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